Zelta Zeme - Baltic peat moss manufacturer since 1933!

Zelta Zeme (formerly Livanu Kudra) has been extracting and developing peat since 1933. For more than 80 years, company continues develop peat processing technologies, putting into practice the highest category of quality control in all stages of production of peat raw materials and finished peat substrates.

Our core business areas are the extraction of raw peat, the manufacture of peat raw materials, and the development, production and sale of ready to use growing media.

  • International logistics
  • Sales partners and customers
  • Trading in substrate components
  • Optimum development for the crops
  • Substrates are made in-house
  • Extraction of raw peat

The company is one of the largest employers in the region, employing about 100 people  and additionally 50-60 people in the months of peat development. The company, with more than 15-20 jobs, also supports the summer employment program for students.

Our achievments

That’s how we got there!
The RHP quality mark gives a thorough quality judgement on the certified substrates. Substrates, soil supply and soil improving materials with the RHP quality mark are stable and guarantee an optimal nutrient medium. This makes it easier for both professional buyers and consumers to decide. They can trust that the certified companies have done evertyting to make sure that the substrate has the best quality, is safe and clean.
  • We are RHP certified
  • We have been a supportor of RPP (responsibly produced peat) from the very beginning
  • We are a member of Growing Media Europe

RHP quality schem

– ensures full process and product control by external auditors and laboratories

– controls peat bog management– lays down strict guidelines for harvesting, storage, monitoring of temperatures and treatment of peat raw material

– requires laboratory tests of all raw materials before their use– requires inspection of all substrates when ready to use

– all additives and constituents need RHP approval

– retained sample of each delivery to be stored under specific conditions– specific RHP developed standards and methods

– chemical and physical specification of each particular recipe to be predefined

Growing Media Europe AISBL is an international non-profit organisation representing the producers of growing media and soil improvers at European level. Growing Media Europe is committed to the highest environmental standards, to the sustainable use of natural resources and to contributing to the competitiveness of the European horticultural sector by providing high quality growing media products.

Our story


Business in Livani County is very patriotic  (Pēteris Romanovskis)
Years in peat industry
Millions cubic meters of peat deposit
Millions invested into production
Thousands cubic meters of peat produced each year
Years in peat industry
Millions cubic meters of peat deposit
Millions invested into production
Thousands cubic meters of peat produced each year

Efficient quality management systems.

Before to substrate production, each raw material  is subject to internal and external controls conducted by laboratories.The samples from final substrates are automatically taken from the production lines and sent to our internal laboratory for immediate analysis

Basic test
Physically parameters
Chemically parameters

Our Research

ZeltaZeme iss committed to providing our grower partners with analytical services as well as a team of technical professionals to consult with growers regarding media or plant growth problems.

Our Analytics Services

Growing Media Analysis including complete physical properties: Water and Nutrient Analysis; Fertilizer Analysis; Sampling Process

Our experts

Larisa Saviniha
Logistic manager
Dita Ozola-Ozoliņa
Office Administrator
Vineta Brūdere
Chief accountant
Pēteris Romanovskis
Laila Rulle
Sales manager