There are several types of peat bogs

It is very important which peat is extracted from the bogs to be sure that the resulting product will be a quality substrate for a professional grower.
Peat is divided into types, subtypes, groups and types depending on the conditions of origin of the peat and the plants from which it is formed. Peat is an organic material formed from bog plants.
High moor peat

High moor peat. Peat occurring on high moors and formed predominantly of moss, such as sphagnum. Its moisture content is derived from rain water rather than from ground water and is acidic.  It comes from plants that have adapted to growing in nutrient-poor environments and are living off the food they receive from atmospheric precipitation. The main plant is various mosses.  Peat derived from moss is low in minerals and has a high acidity – pH 2.6 – 3.2.

Low moor peat.

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Low moor peat. Peat deposits of this type occur in the shallowest parts of the terrain, leading to the entry of mineral and lime-rich groundwater, rainwater, river and lake water. Herbs, shrubs, trees and mineral-rich peat layers – pH / KCl 4.5-6.5 – grow well here.

There is also transitional peatland. It is formed from the remains of trees, shrubs, sedges and sphagnum. Transition peat has a medium mineral content and is medium acidic – pH / KCl 3.4-4.2.


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